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Glorious BBQ Pack


Glorious BBQ Pack

from 37.50

So what better way to say HELLO SUMMER than with a BBQ pack that is:
1. Made from our awesome meat and 2. A little bargain of a saving ;)

RRP £45 for 1 Pack and £90 for 2 Packs

1 Pack includes:

8 Dry-Aged Burgers
12 Thomas Joseph Sausages
1kg LambChops/Steaks

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We’ve got your summer sorted…. Burgers, Sausages and Lam Chops/Steaks, add in some garlic and chilli mayo and you’re all set!

This will quite comfortably feed 6 HUNGRY mouths and with a cheeky saving, why not get yourself two packs to save even more £££’s!