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Galician Beef Trio

Gran Reserva Range

In Spain, a “Reserva” wine is one that has been aged for 3 years while a “Gran Reserva” is a wine aged for at least 5. Our Gran Reserva range is not for wine, but for older cows from the UK and some fantastic beef from across Europe. It is our no holds barred section where you can find truly exceptional quality beef that is far older than what is considered the norm in the UK. Still focused on grass fed and the highest ethically produced meat, this section is the top of our range, exclusive meat that will no doubt knock your socks off!

Galician Beef Trio

Galician Beef Trio
Galician Beef Trio

Galician Beef Trio


The three steaks, in proper sized portions!
2 x Galician Blond Dry-Aged Prime Rib (800g each)
2 x Galician Blond Dry-Aged Sirloin (350g each)
2 x Galician Blond Dry-Aged Fillet (300g each)

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We know you know a thing or two about Galician Beef now, so we’ve helped you out and put all your favourites in a handy box! These are the kings of the block and for good reason, they’re quite possibly the greatest steaks we’ve ever tasted. Mix and match, cook ‘em one at a time or invite your friends round for a Spanish themed night…..the possibilities are endless!

There’s even a £10 saving in there compared to buying each individually ;)