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28 Coxtie Green Road
Brentwood, England, CM14 5PT
United Kingdom


Gran Reserva Range

In Spain, a “Reserva” wine is one that has been aged for 3 years while a “Gran Reserva” is a wine aged for at least 5. Our Gran Reserva range is not for wine, but for older cows from the UK and some fantastic beef from across Europe. It is our no holds barred section where you can find truly exceptional quality beef that is far older than what is considered the norm in the UK. Still focused on grass fed and the highest ethically produced meat, this section is the top of our range, exclusive meat that will no doubt knock your socks off!

Galician Fillet

Galician Fillet
Galician Fillet

Galician Fillet

from 32.50

The Galician cows are left to grow slowly to between 8-12 years old. They lay fat down deep and over a long time which bastes the meat with a beautiful flavour when cooking. We are sure you will agree, these fillets look unbelievable!

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The flavour is further enhanced by being matured over the cow’s lifespan - being naturally raised on grass and pasture for 8 plus years brings an unparalleled depth of flavour that genuinely melts in the mouth. These fillets are out of this world good, we think they could become a staple in your monthly shop